Benfotiamine Shown to Improve Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy and Cognitive Function in Alcoholics

Clinician Alert: Patients Successfully Treated with Benfotiamine for Alcoholic Polyneuropathy May Also Experience Improved Cognitive Function

by Dr. Richard Mann, DABPS, ret, Chief Scientific Officer & Founder, Realm Labs®

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) deficiency is a well-known and well-documented consequence of chronic alcohol consumption.  This results in impaired neuronal functioning expressed in the peripheral nervous system as peripheral neuropathy and in the central nervous system as deficits affecting mood and cognition. Thiamine, a water-soluble vitamin, is absorbed from the intestines primarily via the actions of thiamine transporter molecules located in the intestinal lining. These transporter molecules have been shown in animal models to be impaired by chronic alcohol exposure.  Poor nutrition may be a factor, as well, in thiamine deficiency among alcoholics.

Benfotiamine is a safe, effective, high potency, lipid-soluble form of thiamine. It is absorbed from the intestines via passive diffusion, a process that does not rely on thiamine transporter molecules.  As such, benfotiamine is an ideal agent to restore thiamine levels in alcoholics. Not surprisingly, benfotiamine has been shown in well-constructed scientific studies to both improve the symptoms of alcoholic polyneuropathy and reduce psychiatric stress in severely affected alcoholics.

Clinicians have noted that patients who have been successfully treated with benfotiamine for the symptoms of alcoholic polyneuropathy may claim an improved ability to concentrate.  This is consistent with studies showing that the reversal of thiamine deficiency with benfotiamine in alcoholics may improve peripheral and central neurological function.

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Dr. Richard H Mann, DABPS, ret
Chief Scientific Officer & Founder, Realm Labs

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Dr. Mann is the developer of the  NeuRemedy®line of benfotiamine nutritional supplements. NeuRemedy is a safe, proven, and effective nutritional formulation dispensed by physicians to their patients suffering from numbness, tingling, burning and/or shooting pains in the feet and legs.  Thiamine (vitamin B1) deficiency often accompanies and intensifies these symptoms. The reversal of thiamine deficiency is an important therapeutic goal in the management of these patients.*

The key ingredient in NeuRemedy, benfotiamine, is the most highly bioactive oral form of thiamine available. It rapidly and safely reverses thiamine deficiency, improving the functioning of the nerves in the feet and legs. Each capsule of NeuRemedy contains 150 mg of benfotiamine in a proprietary formulation. Because of its impressive success rate and high safety profile, NeuRemedy was recently licensed in Canada as an important factor in supporting healthy nerve function in individuals with polyneuropathy.*

NeuRemedy is the leader in the field with thousands of physicians and patients relying each day on its efficacy, purity, safety and rapid onset of action.*

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