Improving Outcomes in the Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy with Low-Level Laser Therapy: Photobiomodulation, Neuropathy, and Benfotiamine

In order for neurons to successfully perform their primary function, the conduction of action potentials, their mitochondria need to produce adequate amounts of intracellular energy in the form of ATP.  The inability of mitochondria to generate sufficient quantities of ATP in order to maintain the healthy cellular functioning of peripheral nerves is believed to contribute to nerve dysfunction in peripheral neuropathy.  As such, increasing ATP production in neurons is recognized as an important clinical goal in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

The well recognized clinical success achieved with the use of low-level laser therapy in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy illustrates this fact.  Low-level lasers largely exert their therapeutic effect in patients with peripheral neuropathy through the process of photobiomodulation–in which, among others beneficial actions, the laser stimulates the cytochrome-c-oxidase complex (complex IV) in the mitochondrial respiratory chain causing increased ATP production within peripheral neurons.

Increased intracellular ATP production within peripheral neurons may also be achieved through nutritional means.  Vitamin B1 deficiency–a common problem in diabetics, alcoholics, and the elderly–impairs ATP production.  This likely contributes to the high rates of peripheral neuropathy in these groups.  Benfotiamine, a safe and highly effective vitamin B1 precursor, has been proven to decrease the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in these groups.  It’s works by reversing vitamin B1 deficiency and increasing Krebs Cycle efficiency and ATP production.  It is currently being used successfully by thousands of physicians for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.  

These two disparate methods of raising ATP levels–low-level laser therapy and benfotiamine–appear to be highly synergistic.  Many chiropractic physicians report greatly improved success rates in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy when combining these therapies.  

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Dr. Howard Benedikt

Doctor of Chiropractic, DCBCN Scientific Advisor to Realm Labs

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Dr. Richard H Mann, DABPS, ret

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, DABPS, ret Specializing in Treatment of Nerve Diseases of the Feet & Legs Chief Scientific Officer at Realm Labs

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