A Common-Sense Approach for the Nutritional Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy

One in ten Americans, approximately 35 million people, have peripheral neuropathy (PN).  This is an epidemic by any definition.  Over the past decades the incidence of PN has grown dramatically as it parallels the growing incidence of diabesity.  Chiropractors and other health care providers find themselves treating an ever-increasing number of these clinically difficult cases.  There are over 150 known causes of PN and, short of an extensive workup for all patients presenting with neuropathic symptoms, many of our colleagues opt to manage these patients via targeted nutrition.  The question becomes: which nutrient(s) have the best chance of helping.

The majority of people in the US with peripheral neuropathy are either elderly, diabetic, or have a history of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and multiple studies have shown that people in all of these groups are prone to be vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficient–a well-known cause of peripheral neuropathy.  Not surprisingly, restoring vitamin B1 levels with benfotiamine, a fat-soluble highly bioactive form of vitamin B1 often dramatically improves neuropathic symptoms in these people.

Although benfotiamine has only recently become available for use by US chiropractors, it has been used worldwide in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy for the past 60 years.  Benfotiamine is safe and very well studied.  It can be safely taken with other nutrients and medications.  Improvement of neuropathic symptoms often occurs within 30 days.  In addition to its value as a stand-alone nutrient for people with peripheral neuropathy, benfotiamine likely has a synergistic effect with low level laser light therapy as used in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy.

Benfotiamine is currently recommended by thousands of physicians in the US.  It has benefited tens of thousands of patients and is an ideal option for physicians and other health care providers looking to initiate successful nutritional therapy for their patients with PN.  

Because of my success with benfotiamine, I recently became a scientific advisor to Realm Labs, the company that introduced benfotiamine to the US medical community over a decade ago. They are the experts in the field and their NeuRemedy® line of benfotiamine products are successfully dispensed by thousands of physicians. With my help, they have developed a marketing program specifically designed for chiropractors.  Preferred chiropractor discount pricing is now available on your initial order. If you are interested in incorporating NeuRemedy into your practice please call or email Dr. Mann or me so that I can discuss in greater depth the benefits of incorporating this important breakthrough nutrient into your practice.

Dr. Howard Benedikt

Doctor of Chiropractic, DCBCN Scientific Advisor to Realm Labs

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Written in conjunction with

Dr. Richard H Mann, DABPS, ret

Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, DABPS, ret Specializing in Treatment of Nerve Diseases of the Feet & Legs Chief Scientific Officer at Realm Labs

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